About Us

TRANSWORLD Academy was formed after a long research about expectations of people.

  • People who are already in the field of Training in different phases of life.
  • People who really want to excel in life.
  • People who are ready to put all needed efforts to reach their desired goals.
  • People who want to outperform themselves in their life.
  • And all the people who want the graph of life to just rocket towards success.

Digamber Chaudhari the founder of TRANSWORLD Academy has an experience of more than THREE years of Training people. The time span of experience might be small but the results that he has brought out in people and the way of their living life is amazing. The feedback of the people who have been transformed already can be seen in the testimonials section.

For us TRANSWORLD Academy, training is not a matter of money making business. We have strategically priced all the courses provided by us. These courses are par below all other institutes who are in this field of training from years. Since this is not making money business we share a very special relation with each and every student who has been in touch of TRANSWORLD Academy in all different ways.

We believe that the success of an individual, organization or country, depends on the quality of their people. If people can have better attitudes they will be better team players and it will cut down waste, improve loyalty and in general make their company a great place to work.

For details of corporate training please get in touch with us on your corporate training page.

TRANSWORLD Academy even gives you a free seminar before you join and put in your time and efforts. We will also allow you to meet our current students so as you can ask the questions that you have directly to the students rather than asking the questions to us. Please feel free to register for the free seminar. Our representative will get in touch with you soon.

The trainers at TRANSWORLD Academy are expert in Human Development. People join the academy with a simple dream of speaking fluent English. Till the end of the course they are not only successful in speaking fluent English but also carry with them the confidence that will help them to go through any difficult phase of life. That too with a smile!

The modules of all the courses are drafted in such a way that it will impact and effect in a positive manner in the development of fluent English as well as improve their work culture. Today people are experts in their own favorite field but they lack in presenting themselves and performing in front of large audience. TRANSWORLD Academy works on a simple fundamental of doing what you fear the most. Every person who joins TRANSWORLD Academy will have to present a pre decided topic which he will be corrected by the trainer on the spot. At TRANSWORLD Academy we believe in doing a new mistake everyday rather that repeating the same mistake.

People who are interested can get in touch with us. The details are provided on the Contact Us page.


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