Basic English Program

Duration of Course : 2 Months, 5 Days a Week
Investment for Course :7500/-

  • Simple Reading
  • Simple Writing
  • Framing of sentences..
  • Comprehension

English is the most essential language for each and every person. Today English is used in each and every aspect of life. Today where ever you go English is must. If you are a STUDENT, BUSINESSMAN, HOUSEWIFE or a FRESHER looking for JOB the most important thing that you must know is to speak and understand English.

BASIC ENGLISH PROGRAM is a specially designed course for the people who can understand a little bit of English but cannot speak. This course covers all the different aspects of English speaking such as reading, writing and understanding English. This is a very SLOW paced course so that it will be very easy for the people who are fairly new to this course.

At the end of this course the participants will be able to understand English better and even will be able to communicate with people using this language. This will eventually help them to improve their personality and presentation skills that they can use it in various aspects of life such as Jobs, Interviews, Parties, Meetings and many other places.