Sometimes you know things but don't have the confidence to show the world that you know, I got that confidence from Digamber sir. Honestly I never looked at him as a teacher but a mentor. Now I am studying in UK and I have got all my friends from UK, USA, Africa etc. Today I can confidently talk to them in English and have almost forgotten that at some point of life I was struggling with English.

Digamber sir not only changed my perspective of looking at English but also looking at LIFE, which made the biggest difference.

Today I am extremely proud to be myself and I would be grateful to Digamber sir throughout my life for making me believe myself cause Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.


For those who thinks that being reserved in nature is good . Being reserved would take u nowhere !! language was never a problem for me but the problem was my self esteem ,it was in minus , i didnt know how to make friends , how to connect instantly with new people and the worst part was i never wanted to change my self !

I was struggling for existence in this social world ...after i attended first session of Digamber sir .... i felt so light hearted ,he craved every problem from my heart!! and the days passed and the change was noticeable in me .. i was more open in front of others ,jelled with new people ...and i was more then happy !! because my parents felt the change in me i was more mature and responsible though i was not earlier ..

Sir was like an ANGEL to me !! he turned the table upside down for me boosted my moral and gave me a positive approach in my life and a good future !! :)thanxx a lot sir !! i know u would say sir bohot shareef sa lagta hai call me Digamber.


Before joining TRANSWORLD Academy I used to say "English is very difficult to speak" and now I say English is a very simple to speak instead of any other language. How did this change?

I knew English since 5th standard, before joining TRANSWORLD I could read and understand English but I couldn't speak fluently with people. I couldn't communicate in the desired manner that's why was the barrier between me and my promotion as a team leader.

Now things are changed, I can communicate with client very fluently. How did this change within a few months? There is only one word to it and that is CONFIDENCE. We all know English very well; we are listening English every day we just need confidence to speak. That's what TRANSWORLD Academy did to me.

TRANSWORLD Academy has very simple but very effective program to teach you. Within a few months you will speak in English. It will not only increase your confidence as well as develop your overall progress. You just need to put your all efforts then English speaking will become very simple for you.

If you are thinking this is fake just attend his free seminar you will get result.

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